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Award-Winning Solutions

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Award-Winning Solutions

At the AAO 2023 Annual Session, DentalMonitoring won the AAO Award for Best New Product Innovation for DM Insights and the Digital Orthodontist’s Award for Best Patient Communication Platform. We’re incredibly proud that these two key components of  DentalMonitoring are being recognized as key innovations in orthodontic technology.
AAO Award for Best New Product Innovation
DM Insights launched in the Fall of 2022, and orthodontists are already transforming their practices by making more informed   decisions using our industry-first data hub. Dr. Barry Benton, for instance, has used DM Insights to analyze his practice performance over time, harnessing the data to drive improvements in his staff’s bonding procedures and reduce bracket breakage rates.
The Digital Orthodontist: Best Patient Communication Platform
The communication features in our app facilitate communication between treatment providers and patients. Instant communication via automated and direct messages, videos, and annotated photos improves patient engagement in treatment so patients know what to do to stay on top of their treatment. Patients are encouraged to stay compliant with gamified features on the app rewarding them for staying on track. 
DentalMonitoring integrates with Dolphin Imaging
DentalMonitoring is now integrated with Dolphin Imaging. This exciting PMS integration reduces duplicated work, saving you time, and providing full control over patient treatment progress. 


And we’re still trailblazing the path to Smarter Orthodontics with innovative solutions. We announced three new updates to DentalMonitoring at the AAO Annual Session. These features are game changers, helping orthodontists elevate clinical care, grow practices, and provide better patient experiences.

  • ScanAssist: An AI-guided scanning process that instructs patients at every step of scanning to ensure a proper bite and the most accurate photos possible. 
  • Patient Timeline: A visual tracker for patient treatment, hygiene, and scan compliance, perfect for educating patients and parents about treatment progression.
  • DM Insights “Highlights”: Automated KPI tracking so doctors can easily access the information they need to boost practice performance without spending time analyzing large volumes of data.

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