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Anticipate upcoming appointments

Dr. Steven Olsburgh

Dr. Olsburgh will discuss in this spotlight, the use of DentalMonitoring as a powerful tool to anticipate upcoming appointments, the benefit to your orthodontic practice and your patients, as well as the practice uses to evaluate fixed appliance patients and what to look for in the scans.

ROI with fixed appliances monitoring

Dr. Murtuza Hasnaini

During this session, Dr. Hasnaini will discuss how he uses DentalMonitoring for fixed appliance patients, including how braces monitoring works and what’s the advantage of using DM. He will also talk about the efficiencies possible as a result of using remote monitoring for braces cases.

How artificial intelligence is reshaping dentistry

Dr. Rayan Skafi

Dr. Rayan Skafi, Clinical Education Officer at DentalMonitoring, will discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) in changing the industry by answer the most common questions on the topic. This will include how it works, how it’s used in our solutions and the impact on practice processes.

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