The DM Difference

What makes DentalMonitoring one of a kind?

Find out why 7,500+ providers work with us to offer their patients innovative remote care.

The DM Difference

What makes DentalMonitoring one of a kind?

Find out why 7,500+ providers work with us to offer their patients innovative remote care.

Our artificial intelligence

Powered by the industry’s largest dental image database

No one has AI like ours, because no one has a dental image database like ours.

We’ve scanned over 1 billion plus patient photographs — and we continue to have the highest acquisition rate of photos to date.

Why do the images matter?

They enable us to create more robust algorithms, train the AI that powers our solutions and help you provide more precision care for diverse dental cases.

130+ oral observations

You can detect and automate 130 observations with images taken with a smartphone, including hygiene, gum disease, and tooth movement.

1st of its kind

Our AI is the first and only in the industry to redefine the way you engage and convert new or existing patients, as well as monitor their orthodontic treatments.

We’ve filed over 200+ patents on our technology and hardware.


patient photographs scanned, and counting.

Ever heard of neural networks?

What about deep learning?

They are the techniques that scientists use to build the best-performing artificial-intelligence systems — such as speech recognizers on smartphones or Google’s latest automatic translator.


And, in our case, the AI that can analyze images and 3D files, estimate tooth movement, and create photo-realistic simulations using a patient’s own teeth.


We are constantly testing, validating and training our AI to build new neural networks with our global team of over 170+ developers, scientists, dentists and orthodontists.

Our partnerships

Developing smarter solutions, together

We partner closely with practitioners to ensure our solutions meet the needs of our clients — dentists, orthodontists and their staff.

Here’s what that means for you:

Full flexibility and control over your workflow

You have control over the messaging and every protocol and instruction on our platform. Manage the frequency of the notifications sent to your team and patients, and modify any time with just a few clicks.

Less work for you, more individualized care for patients

New technology often creates more manual work for your team — but ours reduces it, and helps you scale. And, at the same time, you can provide more frequent and individualized patient care.

Real people support for long-term success

We offer a robust onboarding and training program at the start, plus you’ll have a dedicated Success Manager and Customer Support available in 8 different countries and languages.

The patient experience

Nearly 14,500 patients have left us a review of the DentalMonitoring app. The Result?

A near perfect 4.9 star rating
That’s because DM helps you give your patients the engaging, high-touch, on-the-go experience that they’re looking for.


In one study on DM, patients most frequently mentioned the benefits of “better communication,” “increased convenience,” and “reduced number of appointments.”

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