Identify the patients who are ready to start treatment

Qualify your leads online and offer your patients the convenience they want, all at once.

DM Engage is your online assessment module that uses AI to help you analyze a person’s oral health and gauge their interest in treatment before entering a chair.

Remote consultations

Consult with new or returning patients whenever, wherever. Generate leads and triage cases.

Customizable reporting

Only see the information you want. Our software builds a report for you based on your preferences.

HIPAA compliant

Use our HIPAA - and GDPR - compliant video service that’s embedded in our plugin for virtual appointments any time.

The DM difference

We help you understand a patient’s suitability for treatment, instantly​

Unlike standard dental software, our platform:
  • Performs analysis on smartphone images of a patient’s teeth

  • Helps you automate reporting that explains and indicates 19 oral conditions and 57 observations, and gives you full control over what gets reported on and sent to the patient

  • Creates AI-powered ultra-realistic previews of a patient’s future smile

  • Integrates into your Google Analytics so you know exactly how many leads you’re generating

Here’s how it works

Our software guides patients through exactly what pictures to take with their smartphone.
Understand new patients’ suitability for treatment with our AI-generated reports using your preset preferences.
Your practice can review and customize a report before it goes to the patient. Patients then have access to detailed information on their conditions and relevant treatment options.
Effectively triage and book appointments only when needed. Consult with patients securely with a HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant video service.

Top feature

Provide patients with an ultra-realistic preview of their smile during and after orthodontic and whitening treatment.

With images taken from their smartphone. So you can rally their interest before they ever step foot in your office.

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DM Engage

Monitor your patients.
Measure practice efficiency.
Master your workflow.

Generate more qualified leads and drive new patient conversions. Instantly. Remotely. Securely.​

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