The most advanced monitoring solution

Use our AI-powered platform and patented technology to detect and monitor 130+ oral observations, remotely. So you know exactly when a patient needs an in-person appointment.

Suited for all treatment types and orthodontic appliance brands.

Drive compliance

Check treatment progress and detect issues early through closer supervision of treatment between appointments and automated next steps.

Optimize chairtime

Schedule appointments at the right time and never walk into an appointment without knowing the most important information.

Boost engagement

Give patients the convenience of connecting with your practice through our app. Send instructions and friendly reminders as often as needed.

How DentalMonitoring works

Setup platform preferences and patient protocols

After you’ve seen a patient in person and have a treatment plan in mind, you can choose the information you want to receive about their treatment from our platform on over 130+ oral observations detected by our AI. Use protocol templates made by platform super-users or customize them completely.

Patients scan and send images from anywhere

Patients use our proprietary ScanBox pro device plus their smartphone to take intraoral images (at the frequency you set) from anywhere. Then, they send them to you through the patient app.

Our AI helps you analyze the images and send instructions based on your preferences

DM’s platform analyzes, sorts and crops the images for you. When your prescribed observation is detected, your customized protocol will be enabled and instructions sent.

Communicate through the patient app

Use our highly rated patient app for two-way communication and appointment scheduling. Send instructions and annotated pictures anytime.

Create one workflow for all of your orthodontic treatments.


Track aligner treatments more closely.Use our Dynamic Aligner Change feature to spot poor fit early and ensure your patients only “Go” to the next aligner when they’re ready.


Follow the activity of the archwire and auxiliaries.Track tooth movement by setting up goals. Be alerted when the archwire is passive, so you know the ideal time to move forward with changes and appointments.

The platform

Scale your workflow by automating patient messages, image analysis and non-clinical procedures.

Access photos that are automatically sorted, cropped, and organized by date and angulation

Detect issues early.

DM’s AI automatically detects oral conditions and estimates tooth movement from the photos and notifies you of changing conditions as they occur. View on your dashboard, from any device.

Compare multiple views.

Track the molar and cuspid A/P relationship over time or changes in the overbite and overjet as often as needed.

Assess treatment evolution.

Follow the evolution of treatment, from a variety of views: frontal, occlusal* and buccal. View photos from different angles and compare with past images.

Send the right instructions to the right person at the right time

Customize your practice protocols.

You can create your own protocols, or use templates. Each protocol outlines how you want your patients and staff to react to the information detected in patient photos.

Proactively automate instructions.

Design each protocol to detect specific treatment situations and react to them the way you would like. Our platform can trigger instructions to you and your patients when a predefined criteria is met.

Optimize appliance efficiency

Get a quick overview of appliance activity.*

The activity graph shows you the average tooth movement in each arch, so you know how active the appliance is at any stage in treatment.

Select any tooth to view movement.

The steeper the curve, the more the teeth are moving. See when a tooth is moving in translation, torque, rotation and angulation.

Detect the ideal time to change an archwire.

Determine whether the mandibular arch is almost passive or if teeth are moving and if relapse is occurring during retention using our dashboard.
*Only available for some plans.

What’s the patient experience like? They love to tell you about it!

The ScanBoxpro

Introduce your patients to their new handy companion.
Patients use the lightweight ScanBoxpro and their smartphone to send you intraoral scans. From wherever and whenever.

The patient app

Connect with patients through a 5-star app.
Patients use the DentalMonitoring app to take and upload their scans, get notifications and receive instructions from you.

Progress reels

Share smile evolutions with patients.
Patients love to see how their treatment is progressing with our before and after smile evolution feature.

Be the practice that delivers the experience your patients want.

Dental professionals

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