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DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered remote monitoring solution keeps fixed and removable appliances on track, removing the surprises that can occur between clinical appointments.

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Enhance patient compliance

Elastics compliance is a key element of the patient treatment journey. Thanks to our regular scans, you can track tooth movement to keep patients up-to-date with their treatment progress and ensure predictable completion dates.

Improve patient hygiene

Poor hygiene can negatively impact treatment completion dates. By using DentalMonitoring to constantly track patients remotely, you and your staff can ensure they stay on top of hygiene and guarantee optimal treatment outcomes.

Leverage clinical data

AI-based scans power your procedures with clinical knowledge for biologically correct adjustment intervals. Know exactly when your clinical goals are achieved.

Doctors' testimonials

Why you'll love DentalMonitoring for braces


If we're watching space opening to make room for another tooth we can see it all on DentalMonitoring without that patient needing to come into the appointment and/or if it’s not working we need to bring them in sooner than we thought. There’s a lot of benefits to just the actual mechanics of the treatment and the observations being more real-time”

Dr. Randy Kunik, Kunik Orthodontics

Patients' Testimonials

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Paolo Manzo

The benefits of using DentalMonitoring in fixed appliance orthodontic therapy.

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