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DentalMonitoring is the dental industry’s leader in AI solutions — but what does that actually mean for your practice? While other companies treat AI like a simple buzzword, our global team of experts know what it takes to make orthodontics work smarter.

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Patients submit regularly scheduled intraoral scans through their DM App with the help of their smartphone. With the patented ScanBoxpro, the quality of each intraoral image is maximized and the process is made more convenient for all patients.
Our AI automatically crops, labels and triages each image run through the DentalMonitoring platform.
Our AI, trained on the largest database in the dental industry, analyzes intraoral scans with master efficiency. It can identify a wide array of oral observations, from tooth eruption to tooth movement, archwire passivity, aligner tracking and retention.
Our solution allows for message automation based on doctors’ recommended protocols. This permits doctors to streamline communication and ensure the most effective use of clinical care.