The New Standard of Care

DentalMonitoring is proud to be part of the new standard of care within NHS Orthodontics.  Showcased in “Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service”, DentalMonitoring uses AI-driven remote monitoring to help Orthodontists offer great clinical control, more efficient practice workflows and proactive treatment decisions, all while delivering a convenient patient experience.

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Feb 21st, 2024 – NHS x DM Webinar with Ami, Dr. Eva Lewin and Dr. Monica Reinach

March 28th, 2024 – NHS & DentalMonitoring Roundtable Q&As with Ami, Dr. Eva Lewin and Dr. Monica Reinach


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Dr. Eva Lewin 

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Dr. Pieter van Heerden

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Dr. Monica Reinach

DM x NHS 75

DentalMonitoring is honoured to continue our partnership with the National Health Service, and we’re thrilled to be part of the NHS 75 campaign, celebrating its 75th anniversary.

To learn more about how DentalMonitoring can help support you with your NHS Contracts, please fill out your details and Ami, our NHS Specialist, will be in touch.