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Monitor your patients. Measure practice efficiency. Master your workflow.

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A new experience for professionals and patients. Start with the solution you need most right now or combine them all for the optimal patient experience.

Powered by one-of-a-kind AI and the industry’s largest dental image database

Our solutions can detect more than 130 oral observations from images taken with a smartphone.

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"One third of our new patient inquiries is coming in outside of business hours. By going into the virtual world we were able to pick up another 33% of appointments than we’d normally be able to do."

Dr. Grant Duncan


"The difference DM will make in your practice is like the difference being able to take digital photo, xrays and treatment records has already made."

Dr. Marguerite Crooks


“What used to take my assistant 25 hours of work is now reduced to less than 5 hours thanks to DM’s AI technology.”

Dr. Alex Waldman


Dr. Grant Duncan

Dr. Marguerite Crooks

Dr. Alex Waldman

Offer convenience and maximize efficiency at every step of your patient journey

With our solutions, you can assess, qualify, triage and monitor patient treatment — remotely

130+ oral observations

You can detect and automate 130 observations with images taken with a smartphone, including hygiene, gum disease, and tooth movement.

1st of its kind

Our AI is the first and only in the industry to redefine the way you engage and convert new or existing patients, as well as monitor their orthodontic treatments.

200+ patents filed

We’ve filed over 200+ patents on our technology and hardware.

"We believe that dentists and orthodontists should be able to automate and virtualize everything outside of the clinical side of care — and at the same time create a more connected and convenient patient experience. We hope to make this a reality through trusted partnerships with industry leaders."

Philippe Salah - CEO