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2022 Orthodontic Report

View a detailed analysis of orthodontic data on remotely monitored patients. Observe trends and patterns among patient groups.

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Proactive treatment with remote monitoring

Learn how Dr. Cyrille Fouquet used DentalMonitoring to proactively intervene and prevent potential complications when a patient began progressing towards quasi-edge-to-edge anterior occlusion.

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75% decrease in overall bracket debonds

Find out how Dr. Anshu Sood used the data analysis platform DM Insights to reduce overall bracket debonding by 75% in one year.

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Harness data to improve your practice performance

Dr. Tara Gostovich used DM Insights to drastically reduce missing attachments at her practice. 

Measure your practice activity. Improve clinical control.

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Access key information on patient satisfaction

86% of patients felt more reassured throughout the treatment by being monitored by their orthodontist.

Learn more on how DentalMonitoring can enhance the patient experience.

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Access key information on workflow optimization

Dr. Camilla Molinari handled 88.2% of emergencies remotely for a group of patients monitored with DentalMonitoring.

Learn more on how DentalMonitoring can optimize practice operations.

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Access key information on chair time optimization

Dr. Paulo Manzo observed a 24.5% reduction in practice visits when monitoring a group of patients with DentalMonitoring.

Learn more on how DentalMonitoring can free up chair time.

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Reducing Treatment Duration

Learn how Dr. Crotty used DentalMonitoring to finish aligner treatment two months faster than the estimated duration.

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